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Kiddion's Modest Menu v0.8.2 [External]

Credits: Kiddion

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How to use it:
Start GTA5 and wait until the game has fully loaded
Start the mod
Default keys include:
<F5> to show/hide the menu,
<Numpad 0> to go back,
<Numpad 8> and <Numpad 2> to navigate up/down through the menu options.
<Numpad 4> and <Numpad 6> to decrease/increase the current value.
<Numpad 5> to active an option, toggle its value or applying any changed setting.
"Why is Windows Defender/Avast/... saying this is a virus?"This mod is looking for key-presses (to navigate the menu) and is reading/writing to the memory of another process and some AV are nervous about that. This mod has been manually reviewed thoroughly by a forum's file moderator and is considered safe otherwise, it wouldn't have been approved.
I can start the menu, but none of the options seems to work?
If you can navigate the menu, but none of the menu options seems to work it is probably caused by your anti-virus blocking the mod from writing to the GTA5.exe process. Please make an exclusion, disable your AV or switch to a better one. (And remember, Windows Defender is an AV too...)In some cases, especially on Steam, you may need to run the mod "As Administrator" (when the game was started "As Administrator" too, e.g. after an update).
Does the menu instantly close when I open it?
To anyone having the problem where the menu instantly closes when you open it, tap the 0 on NUMPAD a few times and try to open the menu again, that should help.
Can I spawn for others?

If you spawn an anonymous vehicle, others should be able to access that too. And you can spawn multiple anonymous vehicles as long as you don't keep standing at the exact same spot.
Does this menu have any money options?
This mod has a strong focus on enhancing the regular gameplay, rather than add loads of money fast. However, there are a couple of ways to make some extra money. E.g. you can upgrade the npc money pickups in the game, get better money rewards for e.g. doing daily missions and mission jobs, do IE/MC/Bunker missions without cooldown and more. It is also possible to drop money on either yourself of players in sight (either near you or while spectating). The best way at the moment is by using the "Minimum Job Payout" and start a mission like "Blow Up II" that's going to fail when you blow up all vehicles. When the mission has started, go to the World section in the mod menu and scroll
Oh shit, thats whats up

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