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China Hydroxypropyl-Gamma-Cyclodextrin

Our History
 Shandong Binzhou Zhiyuan Biotechnology Co.,Ltd is located in Boxing Economic Development Zone, Binzhou City,Shandong Province.
We are the largest manufacturer of engaged in cyclodextrin Pharmaceutical Excipients ,Cyclodextrin Reagents,Cyclodextrin Complex,Cyclodextrin Pmers in China.
●Jul  2010   Shandong Binzhou Zhiyuan Biotechnology Co.,Ltd was established.
●Jun  2013  Have abtained ISO9001 certification.
●Mar  2014  Have obtained the drug production license.
●Mar  2015  Hydroxypropyl Betadex have obtained approval for the registration of
pharmaceutical excipients.
●May  2015  Sulfobutylether Betacyclodextrin Sodium Salt have obtained new drug
registration application.
●Dec  2015  Hydroxypropyl Betadex have approved by the U.S FDA,DMF NO.:030168
Betadex Sulfobutyl Ether Sodium have approved by the U.S FDA,
DMF NO.:030167
●Aug  2016 Betadex Sulfobutyl Ether Sodium have obtained drug clinical trial approval.
Our Factory
Business Type:Manufacturer
Year Established: 2010
Main Products:
●Medical Cyclodextrins
●Native Cyclodextrin
●Cyclodextrin Reagents,
●Cyclodextrin Complexes
●Cyclodextrin Polymers.
●Pharma grade
●Injection grade
●Industry grade  
●Cosmetics grade
●Food grade  
Complies Quality standards:
●CP standard
●USP standard
●JP standard
●EP standard
●Enterprise standard
●Customized according to customer needs personalized products and services;
Application: used in pharmaceutical ,cosmetics industries,food,ect.
Monthly production capacity: 200 tons
●Total Employees: 11 - 50 People
●No. of QA/QC Inspector(s): 6 People
●No. of Employees in Trade Department: 3-5 People
Certifications: ISO9001
Average Lead Time: 1-3 Days
Comprehensive production capacity: According to GMP standard production, the existing annual output of 300 tons;
Company philosophy: continuous improvement, access to user approval and  recommendation;

Our Product
There are 5 series of cyclodextrin products:

Classification Product name CAS
Medicinals CyclodextrinHydroxypropyl-Beta-Cyclodextrin128446-35-5
Native CyclodextrinFood grade Alpha-Cyclodextrin10016-20-3
Beta-Cyclodextrin CAS 7585-39-97585-39-9
Pharma grade Gamma-Cyclodextrin17465-86-0
Mercapto cyclodextrinMono-(6-Mercapto-6-deoxy)-β-cyclodextrin81644-55-5
Amino beta cyclodextrinMono-(6-amino-6-deoxy)-β-cyclodextrin29390-67-8
Iodo cyclodextrinHexakis-(6-iodo-6-deoxy)-α-cyclodextrin131105-41-4
Azido beta cyclodextrinMono-(6-azido-6-deoxy)-beta-Cyclodextrin98169-85-8
Polyethylene polyamine modified β-cyclodextrinMono-(6-(diethylenetriamine)-6-deoxy)-beta-Cyclodextrin65294-32-8
Other Cyclodextrin DerivativeCarboxymethyl-beta-Cyclodextrin sodium salt218269-34-2
Oligo(lactic acid)-Beta-CyclodextrinN/A
Cyclodextrin ComplexesPiroxicam-beta-cyclodextrin96684-39-8
Azelaic Acid-Hydroxypropyl-β-Cyclodextrin ComplexN/A
Menthol-Hydroxypropyl-Beta-Cyclodextrin ComplexN/A
Salicylic Acid-Hydroxypropyl-beta-Cyclodextrin ComplexN/A
Cyclodextrin PolymersSoluble Beta Cyclodextrin Polymer CrosslinkedN/A
Beta Cyclodextrin Epichlorohydrin CopolymerN/A

Product Application
Cyclodextrin derivatives are widely used in the following field:
●Cosmetics, flavor spices,
●Fine chemicals,
●New materials field;

Our Certificate

Certificate Name ISO9001
Issue Date Mar.16,2017
Valid Date Mar.15,2020
Business Scope Has been assessed as conforming to meet the requirments of:
Within Licensed Pharmaceutical Excipients-Hydroxypropyl Betadex / Betadex Sulfobutyl Ether Sodium etc; cyclodextrin Derivatives, cyclodextrin complexes, cycloswxtrin polymers and related service.

Product NameDMF NO.
Hydroxypropyl Betadex030168
Betadex Sulfobutyl Ether Sodium030167
Production Equipment
We have advanced production equipment as below:
Equipment name Condition
K300L reaction kettleAcceptable
K1000L reaction kettleAcceptable
K2000L reaction kettleAcceptable
K5000L reaction kettleAcceptable
100L Double deck glass reaction kettleAcceptable
Hollow fiber ultrafiltration deviceAcceptable
The coil - type nanofiltration separation deviceAcceptable
Spray drierAcceptable
The coarse product Storage tankAcceptable
Finished product Storage tankAcceptable
Ultrafiltrate Storage tankAcceptable
Double - stage reverse osmosis water treatmentAcceptable
Air conditioning purification unitAcceptable
Clean workshopAcceptable
Device name Condition
High Performance Liquid ChromatographyAcceptable
Gas ChromatographAcceptable
Digital pH MeterAcceptable
Digital Conductivity MeterAcceptable
Muffle StoveAcceptable
Electric Blast OvenAcceptable
Constant Temperature Oil BathAcceptable
Micro Moisture MeterAcceptable
Electronic BalanceAcceptable
Heated IncubatorsAcceptable
Colony CountAcceptable
Stability Test ChamberAcceptable
Biochemical incubatorAcceptable
Mold IncubatorAcceptable
Biological Safety CabinetsAcceptable

Participate in industry exhibitions every year
API Shanghai on 18st-20th Apr,2016
 This exhibition have promoted the customer relationship,fully display the enterprise image, improve the product brand value.Hydroxypropyl beta cyclodextrin has won fifth star products of pharmaceutical excipients on 76th API Shanghai exhibition.
CPHI Shanghai on 20st-22th JUN,2017
 This exhibition expand the company and product visibility, expand the market channels, mining the key customers, consolidate the relationship between with old customers, to improve employee morale, obviously increase the sales.
Production Market
CPHI India on 28st-30th NOV,2017
 CPHI Indian exhibition effect is very good, many clients come to our stall for meeting & further discussion cyclodextrin .
Our service
Competitive Advantage of service
Rich experience.
 We have experienced foreign trade personnel in cyclodextrin field, professional knowledge can help customers choose the correct products, be familiar with the import policies of various countries can help customers avoid risks. Fluent English can communicate with customers better and provide documents to customers timely We have established long business relationship with many customers

Conforms to multiple quality standards and competitive price:
 Raw Material-Material Storage-Workshop Production-Finished Product-Finished Product Storage-Sale-After sale service,in the whole prcess,our product is under the supervision of QA and QC,firmly conforms to GMP standard.
Conforms to multiple quality standards can meet the requirements of different customers.Welcome order the samples, MOQ just 50 grams.Factory direct sale,so price is competitive.

Safest and fastest delivery:
 We have mass stock, so that we can arrange the delivery within 24hours once receiving the   
payment. Tracking number would be informed quickly after shipment. We have our own way of
packing which could ship 0.05 kilo to 50 kilo products a time.

Good after-sales service.
 We will tell you Cargo updated information ASAP. And try our best to solve various problems customers encountered!

 Binzhou Zhiyuan Biotechnology covers an area of 30.5 acres,Construction area of 5200 square meters,46 million yuan in fixed assets,The total number of employees 41 people,Bachelor degree or above 13 people,R & D technical staff 10 people;The existing four major categories of 45 varieties of products;Various types of cyclodextrin production capacity of 800 tons per year,The actual output of about 150 tons,Annual sales income 20 million yuan.
We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of cyclodextrin derivatives in China.We have 5 series (Medical Cyclodextrins, Cyclodextrin Reagents, Cyclodextrin Complexes,
Cyclodextrin Polymers ) of more than 40 kinds of cyclodextrins now. Hydroxypropyl Betadex and Betadex sulfobutyl ether sodium have approved by The U.S. FDA.
 We have advanced production lines and testing equipments,such as HPLC,GC,CE,IC,IR and so on. Strictly following GMP, the product quality meets the multiple standards such as CP, USP,EP, JP.  
Expect to cooperate with you by providing the first-class products and high-quality service.China Hydroxypropyl-Gamma-Cyclodextrin

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