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[HOT][EMAIL] Discord updated VR. Of TOKEN Stealer [WORKS AFTER PATCH] DirectDownload

Discord's NEW token stealer, updated to work in 2019 (The older versions posted here no longer work)

This is a simple tool , Steals discord tokens can send it
through email or your discord Web-hook doesn't matter
I will make it more advance as time goes on as well as a 
custom bot name option for now use what you have.
You build it the output file is the file you give to your victim
It runs on there PC restarts discord then grabs the Token from there 
discord then stops running simple as that. It will send you 
there token then close. Please do NOT select both options
Select one either Email or WebHook , if you select two your
output file may just crash. 


If It crashes when you first open it YOU HAVE a running debugger you need to kill

If it says Winrar or some non-debugger program is a debugger 

EXTRACT The fucking file the correct way 

(Right Click Archive , Click Extract To "Folder Name")
Then Launch The Program!

What is a discord token?
It's basically Passwords and Username combined in one special key that someone CAN use to log into ANYONE's account! This is the only TOKEN stealer working as if 2019

[Image: unknown.png]

Picture of the project! Simply and userfriendly!



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Disclaimer: I, no shape or form claim ownership over this project, but is posted here for educational purposes and I hold no responsibility for your actions, or whatever happens in general. Cheers. Like for more content I've put much effort into this
Replying to retrieve download link, thanks in advance, hopefully now it'll be fun to study HTML, CSS & PHP

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